Chiaia, Santa Lucia, and Nearby

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The Lungomare is the city's grandest stretch of city's waterfront. In the 19th century, Naples's waterfront harbored the picturesque quarter that was called Santa Lucia, a district dear to artists and musicians and known for its fishermen's cottages. The fishermen were swept away when an enormous landfill project extended the land out to what is now Via Nazario Sauro and Via Partenope, the address for some of Naples's finest hotels. Huge stretches of the waterfront are blessedly traffic-free, only enhancing their distinctly Neapolitan charm. The area also boasts the chic Chiaia neigborhood surrounding Piazza dei Martiri and the gilded 19th-century Villa Pignatelli.


Castel dell’Ovo

The oldest castle in Naples, the 12th-century Castel dell'Ovo dangles over the Porto Santa Lucia on a thin promontory. Built…

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Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes

Set behind what would be a very English expanse of lawn (minus the plam trees), this salmon-pink building with its…

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The Greeks originally named their colony here for the mermaid Parthenope (who slew herself after being rejected by Odysseus, at…

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