Planning Your Time

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Planning Your Time

Three to four days should be enough to give you a taste of the city and see you through the main monuments, as well as factor in a breather to one of the islands in the bay. Always make a contingency plan for each day. Naples can be fraying on the nerves and tiring in terms of legwork, so head for one of the city parks (Villa Comunale, Floridiana, or Capodimonte) for a well-earned break in between doses of culture. You may need a rest after touring the Centro Storico, which, thanks to the original Greek street plan, is wonderfully compact, with more culture packed into a square mile or two than almost anywhere else in the world.

Sightseeing days should begin no later than 9, as most churches are usually open only from 7:30 until noon or 12:30, reopening only after the afternoon siesta, from 4 or 4:30 until about 7. Most museums have extended hours, with a few even open in evenings. Modern Museum in Movement,, lists all of the city's museums by location and public transport. Download the app before your trip. Note that government-run sites are free on the first Sunday of each month—good for those on a budget, but less so for avoiding crowds. The Campania Artecard entitles users to free or discounted admission to about four dozen museums and monuments in Naples and beyond. These are the main passes: Naples, three days (€21) has three sights included and a fourth at up to 50% off, plus transportation; Campania region, three days (€32), including Pompeii and other Bay of Naples sights and Ravello and Paestum with two sights included and a third at up to 50% off, plus transportation; Campania region, seven days (€34) with five sights included and a sixth for up to 50% off, but no transportation. Other benefits (which vary depending on the pass) include discounts on audio guides, theater and ferry tickets, city tours, and other activities, and visitors age 18–24 receive generous discounts. For more information, visit the Campania Artecard website ( or the tourist office in the Piazza Garibaldi station, which distributes a helpful booklet about the passes.


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