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Taxi Travel

You may be able to hail a taxi if you see one driving, but your best bet is to call Radio Taxi or ask someone at your hotel to book one. Taxi ranks can be found outside the central Piazza Garibaldi train station and the port (Molo Beverello), as well as throughout the city. Watch out for overcharging at three locations: the airport, the railway station, and the hydrofoil marina. The fixed rate (be sure to ask for it!) from the airport to the central station is €16, which covers three people, two large pieces of luggage, and two small pieces. City Airport Taxis offers a private service.

Ask for the fixed tariff when taking a taxi, as drivers don't always suggest it—trips around the city should cost €7–€9. You can of course request that the meter is switched on; this often results in your paying less. Taxis charge approximately €3.50 initially (more on Sundays, holidays, and after 10 pm), then €0.05 per 65 meters or 10 seconds of idling. An information sheet about fees to destinations within and near Naples must be displayed in every cab. Other options besides Radio Taxi include Consorttaxi (081/2222), La Partenope (081/0101), and La 570 (081/5707070). In summer, many cabs in Naples have no air-conditioning—which the city's buses and metro do have—and you can bake if caught in a traffic jam.


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